21 najlepších interaktívnych videí, ktoré vás inšpirujú v roku 2023

Vďaka internetu, ktorý zákazníkom umožňuje ľahko porovnávať viac firiem naraz – a prechádzať z jedného do druhého jednoduchým klepnutím prstom, nikdy nebola tvrdšia konkurencia.
Zákazníci od firiem, s ktorými interagujú, vždy očakávajú viac. Viac prispôsobenia. Väčšia hodnota. Ďalšie úžasné chvíle.
Ak sa už vo svete video marketingu orientujete, je to skvelé! Podľa nášho prieskumu stavu marketingu videa z roku 2021 väčšina ľudí (69%) dáva prednosť informáciám o produkte alebo službe sledovaním krátkeho videa.

Ale, je tu jedna vec:
Každý robí videá.
Ďalším logickým krokom pre zvýšenie úrovne vášho video marketingu – a úžasný spôsob, ako vyniknúť – je interaktívne video.
Interaktívne videá poskytujú vašim divákom kontrolu nad ich zážitkom tým, že im umožňujú interagovať s vašim videoobsahom rôznymi spôsobmi, napríklad rozhodovaním a odpovedaním na otázky.

Vďaka tomu sa vytvorí viac prispôsobený a nezabudnuteľný zážitok. Podľa WIREWAX sú interaktívne videá o 32% nezabudnuteľnejšie ako tradičné videá.
Preto si vezmime toto a pozrime sa na 21 úžasných interaktívnych videí, ktoré vás inšpirujú v roku 2021.

Obsah článku:

1. VIP Chelsea FC Access

Click here to watch video

It’s every football fan’s dream to tour the grounds of their favourite club and spend some one-on-one time with their idols. And interactive video has the power to make this possible.

This video tour of CFC uses interactivity and a first-person point-of-view to give viewers an immersive experience.

Not only does it feature VIP areas from the team’s training grounds, it also allows fans to live out the dream of meeting legends like Frank Lampard and Christian Pulisic. 

Interactive hotspots give viewers the power to carve out their own journey and ask the questions that they are most interested in.

This makes the whole experience more engaging and exciting than watching a standard video interview would be – because it allows you to be the interviewer! 

2. ChopValue

Click here to watch video

What do you do when a global pandemic derails your trade show plans? 

The answer: 

Keep calm and carry on – in any way that you can. For ChopValue, this meant taking their trade show booth online. 

This interactive video is the perfect substitute for a trade show, and it earned the company a WIREWAX Interactive Video Award for Best Interactive Event Video. Even better, people can attend in their pyjamas! 

While showcasing their products in crisp detail, and telling the story behind their business, ChopValue placed hotspots around their video that viewers could click to either find out more about a topic, or even purchase a product. 

With the pandemic making face-to-face business incredibly difficult, while also being tough on businesses in endless other ways, an interactive video provides an amazing alternative for companies that want to keep on selling. 

3. BBC Scotland

Click here to watch the video

Speaking of the 2020 pandemic, with most countries being in and out of lockdown and multiple restrictions on travel, interactive videos like this one have become an important escape! 

These breathtaking views of Glen Coe Valley, Scotland, paired with relaxing music, allow viewers to enjoy a couple of moments of peace.

The interactivity, giving viewers a full 360 degree view and the ability to control what they look at, adds an element of personalisation to the experience. 

4. Hyundai

Click here to watch video

This interactive video was designed specifically for mobile users, which is a smart move considering 34% of people say they mainly watch videos on their mobile devices.

This energetic video grabs viewers’ attention from the very first second with a funky, upbeat soundtrack and super-fast, seamless transitions. 

The hotspots are all tucked away at the bottom of the video, meaning they don’t detract from the viewing experience at all. 

But if viewers do decide to click on them then they can find out more about the car, and even 

book a test drive directly from the video. 

This video won Best Creative use of WIREWAX at WIREWAX’s Interactive Video Awards.

5. Wallpaper

Click here to watch video

Here’s another video designed especially for mobile users.

And just like the BBC video, this interactive experience gives viewers the pleasure of travelling without them ever having to leave home. And it does a brilliant job, scooping up WIREWAX’s Best Interactive Travel Video award.

Hotspots make it easy to find out more about each attraction, and you can also book with the tap of your finger.

6. FinFit

Click here to watch video

We all know that customer attention spans are shrinking. You only have a couple of seconds to grab your viewers and hook them. But when you have multiple target audiences it can be difficult to appeal to everyone with the limited time that you have. 

Interactive video is an amazing use case for companies with several different target audiences, like FinFit. 

This explainer video doesn’t make interactivity the star, it simply uses the tool to split its audience so that every viewer is only watching content that is relevant to them.

7. Lifesaver

Click here to watch the video

This interactive video is so good it could save someone’s life – literally! 

Made by the Resuscitation Council UK, this video asks viewers one simple question: 

If you saw someone in a life-threatening situation, would you know what to do?

This educational video covers 4 different topics: 

  • CPR and defibrillation
  • Using an AED
  • Helping someone who is choking
  • Putting someone in the recovery position. 

Although each topic is around 10-15 minutes long, the time speeds by as viewers are forced into making critical decisions every 5 seconds – just like they would in a real-life scenario. 

This is a really interesting and powerful use of interactive video, and a wonderful educational tool.

8. Aardman’s Dead Lonely

Click here to watch the video

Typically known for their stop-motion creations, such as Wallace & Gromit, Aardman showcased a more traditional approach to animation with this fun interactive video aimed at children.

This story-based content by the oscar-winning animation company takes us on the journey of a zombie called Fred who is looking for his long-lost love, Barbara. 

In this black and white world, choices are presented to viewers in colour. 

And if the wrong item is selected then the undead Fred “dies” all over again.

Creating a gamified story like this is a great way to maintain the attention of viewers – particularly younger viewers! 

9. SAP

Click here to watch video

This video by SAP won Best B2B Video at WIREWAX’s Interactive Video Awards.

On the surface, this looks exactly like your typical 60 second explainer video. And it can be viewed and enjoyed in that way without missing out on any of the messaging the company is trying to get across. 

However, there is also interactivity sprinkled throughout for viewers who want to learn more about each scene shown. 

The interactive hotspots in this video are very subtle and don’t detract from the viewing experience whatsoever.

When viewers do click on them they are invited to watch a testimonial video for SAP, featuring the company highlighted in the scene of the explainer video. 

A lot of our clients ask us if they can put testimonials in their videos. Understandably, they want to share the amazing things their customers have said about them. 

But an explainer video isn’t always the best place for testimonial content – it can slow down the pacing and detract from the story. 

Using interactivity the way that SAP has done here is like getting the best of both worlds! 

10. Football Manager

Click here to watch video

How do you create an engaging ad for one of the most anticipated games of the year? 

You gamify it! 

This interactive video is fast-paced and fun, bringing a little hint of what fans can expect from  Football Manager directly into the ad. 

Viewers can interact with the video, using decision points to carve out their own story.

And each decision is time-sensitive, so it really puts the pressure on and creates a fast-paced and exciting experience! 

This video won Best Use of Video Branching at WIREWAX’s Interactive Video Awards.

11. Major Lazer

Click here to watch video

This interactive video, made to promote Major Lazer’s latest music video, is big on fun and big on feels.

Viewers are invited to switch between the real world and the dream world by clicking the screen. 

This is a really interesting way to use interactivity, and definitely a great way to increase watch time as the clicking is pretty addictive – it’s like watching two videos at once!

But it’s not all gimmick, the storyline is gripping too and takes viewers on a journey as the dream world seeps into reality towards the end. 

12. The Coop

Click here to watch video

If you ever read those “choose–your-own-adventure” books as a child, then it’s easy to see interactive videos as the visual equivalent to those. 

The Coop takes that idea and runs with it. This is not just one interactive video, but an interactive series made for entertainment purposes. 

This bingeable murder-mystery puts viewers in the detective chair and allows them to make decisions, such as which suspects to speak to and even what questions to ask them.

While you may not initially think there’s anything you can learn here when it comes to marketing your business, there’s a lot of untapped potential in this market. 

For example, you could create your own original series that hooks viewers with a powerful story but also markets your products at the same time.

Click here to find out more about how to get started with interactive video. 

13. Honda

Click here to watch video

Using the same overlaying technique as Major Lazer, this ad for the Honda Civic shows two very different sides to this car. 

And this is a great example of how interactive video makes it easy to appeal to multiple target markets. 

One side of the video showcases the Civic’s family mode, and if viewers want to take a peek at the high performance mode all they need to do is hold down the R key. 

This is definitely a unique way to create buzz. Fast Company called it: “The coolest car ad of the year.” And AdWeek said, “Well, this might just blow your damn mind.”

As you can imagine, this video performed extremely well. On average, people spent 3 minutes interacting with the experience and traffic to the Civic website doubled during the campaign.

14. Stan & Ollie

Click here to watch video

Yep, even movie trailers are a use case for interactive video. 

The video, created to promote the movie Stan & Ollie, includes not only a trailer for the film, but information on the storyline, how the prosthetics were made, and even behind-the-scenes interviews with the cast. 

As WIREWAX puts it, “This is the future of Press Kits. All in one convenient format.”

All viewers need to do to access additional content is tap the screen, and for those who just want to watch the trailer, that’s fine too! 

15. P&G

Click here to watch video

Turns out that doing virtual laundry is way more fun than doing real laundry! 

This made for mobile and social first choose-your-own-adventure style video ad by P&G is strangely addictive, with lots of different variations to try. 

Viewers can select from different types of clothing and then walk through different scenarios that involve spillages and stains, with Ariel always coming to the rescue and making the clothes look as good as new. 

This is an idea that can be emulated by any brand, all you need to do is make your product or service the hero of the story. 

This video won Best Social Interactive Execution at WIREWAX’s Interactive Video Awards.

16. Paymentshield

Click here to watch video

This interactive video that we created for Paymentshield takes all of their clients pain points and answers them in an engaging way. 

A video like this can act almost like a visual FAQs page – each frequently asked question appears as a hotspot that users can click to get the answer. 

This is a great way to appeal to a large number of people as it puts the power in the viewers’ hands. They’re no longer passive, but active – and can alter the narrative flow according to their own interests. 

And there’s a handy “SKIP” button in the corner of the screen to give viewers even more control of their experience.

17. NatGeo & Ford

Click here to watch video

At its core, this video is an ad for the new Ford Bronco Family collection of cars. But, instead of putting the car at the forefront of the ad, Ford connected with NatGeo to tell the story of world-renowned adventurer, Jimmy Chin.

With breath-taking views and an emotional storyline, you definitely forget you’re watching a car ad. And well-placed hotspots put the viewer firmly in the driving seat:

This gives people the opportunity to see the car in an array of different locations and weather conditions:

18. Crate & Barrel

Click here to watch video

This partnership between US Weekly and Crate & Barrel transformed what would’ve typically been a physical store visit into an engaging digital registry piece. 

The host, Lauren Bushnell takes viewers through the store and gives the experience a cosy and personal vibe – while the branching opportunities allow viewers to make the video even more personal by answering questions about themselves:

Viewers are then shown items that match their personality and are given the option to tap the screen to add those to their digital registry.

This is a pretty ingenious way for Crate & Barrel to encourage people to register with them and it resulted in around 4 interactions per viewer! 

19. Coronavirus Mythbusting

Click here to watch video

A very relevant video for today’s climate. This interactive video is another mobile-first experience, making it easily shareable for viewers who enjoyed it and want to pass on the message. 

The simple line-drawn animation style shows that there really is no limit to the way an interactive video can look and feel. 

And the simple quiz format makes it easy for viewers to digest the information and find out more about the coronavirus. 

20. Rituals

Click here to watch video

This shoppable campaign for Ritual was designed to increase brand awareness and differentiation in the market. 

And it does that really well, by tactfully placing Ritual products in a peaceful video that draws viewers in. 

Through relaxing music, slow-paced editing, and beautiful scenery, this promotional video does more than sell products, it sells a lifestyle. 


Click here to watch video

We created this game-based video for SAFEYOU to promote their app that’s all about educating people in sports – both athletes and amateurs – to make safe and healthy decisions. 

The first-person POV instantly transports viewers into the situation to emulate the pressure of how these propositions feel in real life. 

The game-based nature of the video also amps up the pressure by encouraging users to make decisions quickly, as they would in reality. 

It’s also a great way to maintain engagement and make the experience more memorable. 

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